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About Us

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Our Story

Established in 2005, Bullfrogs and Butterflies remains strong in providing the main five fundamentals to future learning. We pride ourselves in cultivating each aspect of the whole-child – social, emotional, physical, intellectual – allowing each child to reach their highest potential on their own timeline. Yet providing support and guidance when individual milestones may not be met. We build our curriculum according to each child’s unique strengths, challenges, and interests; to inspire our children to learn through play and meaningful activities guided by our passionate and creative staff. 

Our daily goal is to make every child feel safe, inspired, and loved! We offer a welcoming environment, to promote a creative and safe learning experience. As a result, children leave Bullfrogs and Butterflies with a strong overall foundation; passion for learning, expanded creativity, exposure to new interests, and the emotional resilience to welcome change and transition.

In our warm, relaxed, and supportive atmosphere, families, as well as children, thrive. We look forward to welcoming you and your child as a part of our family!

Five Fundamentals

The five fundamentals you want your children to learn in preschool are:

  1. Social skills: When entering school years, social and emotional skills are extremely important.

  2. How to follow directions.

  3. Emotional development; transitioning throughout the day.

  4. Problem solving.

  5. Self-directed activities: Following through with more than one step process/direction.

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Benefits of Choosing Our Program

We work hard at maintaining an untarnished reputation in the community! We're especially known for:

  • A low child-to-teacher ratio.

  • Close personal attention to each child.

  • Compliance with all childcare standards.

  • Developing kinesthetic, visual, and auditory experiences. Children will learn in the classroom, as well as out of the classroom.

  • A wide variety of activities, including planting, cooking, dance, music, computer, yoga and Spanish.

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Bullfrogs and Butterflies will create a warm, cultivating and welcoming environment that will build independent learners with critical thinking skills. Our small classroom setting, and age-appropriate curriculum based on “Virginia foundation for child development” will create that foundation for success.


Bullfrogs and Butterflies will deliver personalized, quality education in a professional, safe, and caring home environment. Bullfrogs and Butterflies is committed to inspiring a community of learners who are safe, respectful, and responsible.

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