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Kaitlin L

"I seriously cannot say enough about how wonderful Bullfrogs and Butterflies is! My son has been attending since he was 2.5 and he is now in their Kindergarten program. It is truly his home away from home. I have always been extremely grateful for how much kindness and empathy all of the teachers show to the kids. They truly treat them as individuals and support them in every way. In addition to teaching them all of the typical things (which they do very well), they go the extra mile to give them hands-on experiences to learn about the world around them. Just walk into any of the classrooms and you can see how committed the teachers are to creating a safe, fun, and enriching environment for the kids. They do tons of fun art projects, computer classes, Spanish, and there are opportunities to sign up for soccer, dance, and karate. Also, they are truly committed to teaching the kids how to be responsible, curious, and caring people. I love that they get plenty of time to play outside as well as to have time to independently play inside at centers, in addition to the more organized activities. All of the teachers we've encountered have been wonderful, and a few have been nothing short of exceptional. This preschool has set the bar so high, I am worried we'll be disappointed when our son goes to 1st grade next year!"

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Karen K

"Our almost 3-year-old son has been at Bullfrogs and Butterflies for 6 months and his growth has been astounding. He is a naturally curious child and the teachers at the school have embraced and cultivated this trait. Through high-quality teaching and a strong STEM curriculum, the teachers encourage all students to explore their natural environment, which promotes the learning of new concepts. I have seen growth in my child's language abilities, science and math content knowledge, social skills, and independence in the short time he has been at Bullfrogs and Butterflies. Beyond the curriculum and teaching, the school is an incredibly warm and friendly place. The classrooms are full of engaging toys and activities, the entire school is very clean and cozy, and students are expected to treat staff, one another, and themselves with kindness and respect. I have always felt welcomed and listened to as a parent. I can honestly say that it feels like a "home away from home" for my child, and that the staff make me feel as though we are partners in the raising and education of my son. I look forward to sending my other two young children to Bullfrogs and Butterflies when they are old enough. It is truly difficult to say enough positive things about this wonderful school!"

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Julie B

"Our daughter loves going to Bullfrogs & Butterflies! She is learning so much and we love that she gets to spend time outside and has the opportunity to do extracurricular activities onsite. Communication with the teachers is great, the class sizes are small so she gets lots of personal attention, and it is simply just adorable"

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Amanda M

"I have had NOTHING but amazing experiences with Bullfrogs and Butterflies! I was very hesitant to put my first child into a preschool, wondering if she would get enough attention, her needs attended to and if she would like it. Well... after the first day my worries were gone! My child has flourished, been loved and very well educated thus far. She entered in young ( just turned four the week before school started), it is now half way through the school year and she can count to 21, knows how to write her name, say the pledge of Allegiance, and even what to do in an emergency! ( stop, drop and roll for fire and call 911). She is learning our home address and phone number. Also, she is interacting with other children and learning important communication skills. All while having a blast! She has even cried in Saturday's when she can't go to school. I honestly am so grateful for them and am looking forward to our other children going here!!!"

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